Bill de Blasio’s New York City: It’s inequality, stupid

It’s tough for any product of the New York City newspaper scene to merely watch election night. This piece published in Quartz yesterday is my attempt to go global with the results and Bill de Blasio’s once-unlikely victory. (Granted, his fellow candidates’ missteps also helped him, but anyone who discounts the income disparity that is NYC right now is sleeping under a rock. Or, more likely, a penthouse.)



Hey, Ma, I’m a SAJA awards finalist!

Leave it to me for my first post for the newly designed to be self promotional.

The South Asian Journalists Association just announced its finalists for awards this year and there I am… My piece on Indians in the GOP (namely, Bobby Jindal and Nikki Haley) is competing in the commentary category. An excerpt:

Republicans need to pay attention here because the immigrant vote is still up for grabs. The largest sway among a voter bloc actually came among Asian Americans—up at least 27 points from 2008. What turned them off the Republican Party between then and now? Perhaps fringe movements like the Tea Party alienate more voters than they lure. More importantly, the Democrats think they have the minority vote locked up. Yet frustration is mounting over a lack of diverse candidates among the Dems, too, and demands for payback are growing louder.

A lot of my lefty friends didn’t like the piece. I guess none of them was a judge.