Articles and speeches


Keynote speech at American Society of News Editors: Digital, Disrupt, Diversity

Keynote speech at JAWS (Journalism and Women’s Symposium) in Whitefish, Montana

Columns for Quartz

How Narendra Modi won over a family of staunch Congress supporters–mine

How the Indian Dream died with the Delhi gang rape victim

Infosys helped make the world flat–with the exception of its management structure

India’s biggest muckraker deserves the scrutiny he introduced to the country

Economics writing

The democratization of credit is over–now it’s payback time

Housing’s job engine falters: The sorry tale of America’s exurbs

Where the (fight over) sidewalk ends

The housing slump has Salem on a witch hunt again

Travel writing

How to take children on an African safari

Bridge over a troubled valley: Kashmir

Frolicking with dolphins: Assam

My thoughts on journalism/press

How to commit authentic journalism (talk in Amsterdam)

The most memorable stories of 2014: Poynter

Storytelling experiment: Quartz publishes our private chats

What I wish I had told Dori Maynard in our last conversation: Poynter

Authenticity, expertise, intimacy: Nieman Lab

Why Quartz is launching an India edition


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